Human trafficking in Canada is at shocking levels. It is a sophisticated, organized crime and demands sophisticated, coordinated and integrated solutions.

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking has been established as the national voice on this issue. Acting as a “backbone” organization, The Centre coordinates and works with stakeholders and organizations (government, businesses and non-profit) dedicated to this issue, while advancing best practices and eliminating duplicate efforts across Canada.

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking exists to create a national strategy for change. We need a comprehensive approach to support Survivors.

We need to do what’s right.

Our Goal

Our goal is to mobilize collective action and system change to end human trafficking in Canada.

Our Mission

To end human trafficking for the purpose of sexual and labour exploitation in Canada by providing strength and support to stakeholders. We will do this through collective action, by creating opportunities to connect and learn from each other and by building capacity, on all levels, to end this abhorrent crime in Canada.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are specific and measurable and will reflect milestones in our path to ensure that we continue to mobilize collective action and system change to end human trafficking in Canada. We will strive to:

  1. Function as a catalyst by bringing together relevant stakeholders in order to provide avenues for Survivor’s voices, to share knowledge and to assist the implementation of effective practices through collective action aiming to end sexual slavery.
  2. Enhance collaboration with representatives of government and non-profit organizations to create cost efficiency through shared strategy development and due diligence, enable cross-sectoral coordination and provide access to networks and specialized skills that individual donors may not have.
  3. Advance federal, provincial and municipal policy and programs by advocating for evidence-based measures as well as supporting and undertaking research related to the human trafficking practices of sexual and labour exploitation.
  4. Provide a centralized, accessible, online resource center with up-to-date information and research that will increase awareness and further education about the complex problem of human trafficking in Canada.
  5. Establish a national hotline to provide an avenue for Survivors and members of the public to report incidents of all forms of human trafficking.