Recognized leaders across this country and in the United States have endorsed The Centre’s expertise and important work. Read on to see what they are saying:

“In its opening statement The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking wrote:  “Human Trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery and it is not just happening to “someone else” it is happening to our children, our neighbours and our citizens, in cities and towns, right across the country.”

Wherever it occurs human trafficking violates every value we stand for.  The fact that it is endemic in Canada is a wakeup call no one can ignore.”

-Right Honourable Paul Martin, Former Prime Minister of Canada, founder of the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative


“Slavery isn’t over. With poverty plus modern transport, human trafficking for sex and labor is at an all-time high. The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking shines a light on this dark world, networks solutions on the ground, and exposes those who sell the bodies of others. We must support this work with the same courage that stopped slave ships.”

-Gloria Steinem, journalist, social and political activist, internationally recognized leader and spokeswoman for the feminist movement 


“I endorse and support the work that is being done by The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking in Canada. This is a necessary initiative in bringing recognition to have this eliminated in our society, and although challenging, this organization can fight against this crime. Extraordinary achievements and outstanding work has been done at the United Nations throughout the years bringing awareness of this critical situation. Because most often the vulnerable are forgotten, the need for The Canadian Centre is very necessary. It is important also to focus on our First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities as it affects all peoples from all walks of life right across Canada. The Centre will provide this awareness. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.”

-Chief Wilton Littlechild, I.P.C., C.C., F.P., Q.C., former Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner and one of the authors of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 


“The victimization of Indigenous women and girls is a humanitarian crisis that has gone unaddressed far too long. Examining the realities and finding solutions are critical to addressing the issues which make our women and girls vulnerable to human trafficking. The work of The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking serves to find a coordinated national approach to ending this human travesty of exploitation and violence.”

-Dr. Victor S. Buffalo, OC, AOE, LLD(Hon), former Chief, Samson Cree Nation

“The establishment of The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking is a bold and necessary initiative. Canadian society is becoming more complex and harder for our most vulnerable youth and women to navigate, creating dark spaces for traffickers to operate in.  Grassroots solutions are critical, but the criminals will outpace all our efforts if they are not linked through a strong organization with a national voice.”

-Susan E. Crocker, Chancellor, St Francis Xavier University; Community Development, Arts and Education Advocate


“Forced trafficking of women and girls is a form of gender-based violence and oppression which has corrosive, long-term impacts. Working collaboratively to address the many dimensions of violence against women – as The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking aims to – is essential to sharing knowledge and changing the social and economic conditions which leave people vulnerable to such exploitation.”

-Sue Tomney, CEO, YWCA Calgary


“I support The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking. Now is the time, and this is the organization, to coordinate the fight against trafficking. Together we can stop this diabolical crime.”

-Sally Armstrong C.M., journalist, human rights activist


“Human trafficking, particularly for sexual exploitation, is a major problem worldwide, including at home in Canada. Each of us must act responsibly to protect our youth and our most vulnerable in society from these heinous crimes. As Canada’s former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, I saw firsthand the impacts and travesties that human trafficking had on the lives of victims and families. I applaud the hard work and dedication of The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking. Their efforts give great hope to those victims who suffer immeasurably.”

-The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Member of Parliament for Niagara Falls, Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada


“Human trafficking is a major issue – not only internationally but right here in our country – in Canada. It takes place on our streets, in our cities and in every province. Its victims are the most vulnerable in society, our women, girls and youth.

Human trafficking is a crime against humanity and it is contrary to the Canadian values we hold dear. Its evil perpetrators stalk their victims and once they have them in their power they cause them untold suffering.

We all have a responsibility to protect our women, girls and youth and to support actions to stop them from this terrible abuse. That is why I salute the work of The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking.”

-Margaret Norrie McCain , founder, Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation; former Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick


“It is wrong to buy and sell people! Human beings are created in the image of God and human trafficking robs people of dignity, community and hope.  In order to pursue justice for individuals and our global community, we need a national organization for concerted attention and action.  The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking is necessary to assist us all to work together to fight this shocking and dehumanizing issue that touches the lives of so many people. Creating a national community that will rise up with strength and moral courage is an important commitment that the Centre has made.”

-The Rev. Dr. M. Jean Morris, former moderator, The Presbyterian Church in Canada


“Human trafficking is an under-reported crime that knows no borders and affects all countries including Canada. The RCMP takes the issue of human trafficking very seriously. 

 Human traffickers prey on society’s most vulnerable and Indigenous women and girls are at greater risk of being trafficked due to poverty, isolation, separation from community and family supports.   

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking will bring much needed public awareness and provide support to victims and their families.”

-RCMP Chief Superintendent Shirley Cuillierrier, National Aboriginal Policing and Crime Prevention Services


“The important work of The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking cannot be understated. It is a common misconception that slavery does not exist in the modern world, but this is unfortunately untrue. It is well-understood that Indigenous women go missing and are murdered at disproportionate rates compared to the general population. It is for this reason Métis Nation of Alberta supports The Centre’s work to bring justice to victims and family members of victims affected by the abusive practice of human trafficking.“

-Audrey Poitras, President, Métis Nation of Alberta


“Every day, somewhere in our country, young Indigenous girls and women are stalked by sexual predators. They are groomed, drugged, beaten, and raped into submission for organized crime and sold as a commodity. These are our children being taken away. Do we need an organizing national body such as The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking? Absolutely. The gifted individuals who have created this Centre have my full blessing on shaping the future of the justice systems and educating and connecting all of us across our nations who continue to work tirelessly on healing the broken spirits of our most vulnerable. Traffickers are becoming millionaires by killing the Spirits and sacredness of our girls, women, and boys. We have a chronic illness amongst men who are the demand side of sexual exploitation. As an Indigenous Elder, I have held many of our girls and women whose spirits have been broken by malicious criminals and sexual predators. This national tragedy continues to grow like a plague out of control and we must continue to work tirelessly at healing the victims of these criminals. The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking understands the true Spirit of humanitarian issues and deep in their own soul’s care enough to do what needs to be done to end these disgraceful violations to our most Sacred Beings … our Children, Girls, and Women.”

-Elder Mae Louise Campbell, Advisor, Cultural and Ceremonial Teacher, Saulteaux, Ojibwa Nation, Treaty One Territory


“Canada must have a coordinated and coherent approach to protect those who are vulnerable to human trafficking while also assisting those who are victims of this horrific crime.  I am hopeful The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking will provide the coordination required to provide this prevention, protection and support.”

-Dr. Kent D. MacDonald, President, St. Francis Xavier University


“Human trafficking is happening all around us and we have to stamp it out. The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking will be a leader in this fight which we must win.”

-His Worship John Tory, Mayor, City of Toronto