Make a Difference

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking exists to create positive change, forever. So can you.

Here’s what you can do to help:


1) Learn about Trafficking and become aware of the indicators of human trafficking, the vulnerabilities and grooming and luring practices used by traffickers. Share this information with your friends, on social media and young people in your life.

2) Speak Up! Sexual exploitation and forced labor are driven by demand. Become an advocate for women and girls who are exploited in the commercial sex industry and for those who are being enslaved by their employers. Start a dialogue with your kids, coworkers and neighbors about human trafficking.

3) Challenge it on a local, provincial and federal level. Find out what your representatives are doing to address human trafficking in Canada. Choose to support ethical business practices that produce goods and services that are free of slavery and that promote supply chain transparency.

4) Stop it if you suspect this is happening in your community or to someone you know. Call police, crime stoppers or a sexual assault line. Here is a list of numbers to call and resources for victims and families. You can also volunteer your time with a front-line organization assisting survivors of human trafficking.

5) Donate to make a positive change by supporting The Canadian Centre to End Trafficking as we work to restore freedom and dignity to those affected by this crime.

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