About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is our modern-day form of slavery.

It is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable and one of the most extreme human rights abuses and it involves the exploitation of people through force, coercion, threat, fraud or deception.

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking is the only national coordinating organization focussed on ending human trafficking in Canada.

93% of Canada’s Sex Trafficking victims come from within Canada’s borders.

According to Statistics Canada, more than 93% of human trafficking victims are female, and almost half of the victims are between the ages of 18 to 24. A quarter of all victims are under the age of 18. 

The demand for very young girls is increasing. 14 is the average entry age. Police have recently confirmed that some victims are as young as 12 years of age.

The sexual exploitation of children is ALWAYS trafficking. Recruiting anyone under the age of 18 years of age for the purposes of exploitation is trafficking, even if no other coercion or deception is involved.

A victim’s consent is irrelevant when they are being trafficked. Consent has no relevance – no one can consent to their own exploitation.

While young indigenous women and girls, as well as youth in care, are particularly vulnerable to sex trafficking. It can affect anyone – girls and boys, women and men – anytime, anywhere.

We need your help.

Only together can we help protect our young people from the traffickers who prey on our most vulnerable.

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