The Canadian National Human Trafficking Hotline will connect human trafficking victims and Survivors with emergency, transition and long-term supports and services, to get help and stay safe. It will equip the anti-trafficking community with the tools needed to effectively combat all forms of human trafficking in Canada. The hotline will offer 24/7 access to a safe and confidential space to report tips, find services, and ask for help. The hotline will also inform the knowledge, statistics, and the wide range of resources relating to human trafficking The Centre can share with the community.

We are currently collaborating with the experts at Polaris in the United States who operate the US National Human Trafficking Hotline, to review the technical assistance required to design, develop and implement a national human trafficking hotline here in Canada. We are in the fundraising stage for the hotline and will be focusing on developing partnerships from coast to coast to coast and expanding our National Network. This network will assist The Centre when we begin the consultations with our community partners on referral and reporting protocols for the national hotline. This National Network will play a critical role in ensuring the success of this hotline in responding to victims and those reporting trafficking incidents, equipping stakeholders and disrupting human trafficking operations.

The application form for the National Network can be accessed here.

The National Network directory itself can be located here.

This hotline will assist the ongoing efforts to eradicate modern slavery in Canada and restore freedom to Survivors of human trafficking