The Centre is creating The National Human Trafficking Network, a collaborative effort to identify, link and map a coalition of like minded organizations working on human trafficking and the related issues across Canada.

We hope that this will be a tool that will assist individuals and organizations across various sectors connect, share information, training resources and best practices.  We aim to include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multilateral institutions, government agencies, and law enforcement agencies etc.

By filling out the following form, you are agreeing to have your organization or agency added to the National Human Trafficking Network. The Centre reserves the right to deny any individual, agency or organization membership to the National Network, based on membership criteria. Any member organization may designate whether its information is publicly accessible through the online version of the National Human Trafficking Network Directory or only accessible to employees of The Centre. The Centre does not sell, trade or share personally identifiable information from donors, partners, program clients or mailing lists.

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Connect with us and help build a progressive movement to end human trafficking in Canada.


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Youth and Children (Under the age of 18)
Transgender Male-to-Female
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Migrant Workers
Sex Workers
Religious/Social/Political Minority Groups
Ethnic Minorities
Indigenous Persons
Refugees/Asylum Seekers

Which of the following services does your organization provide? (Please select all that apply.)
Shelter (emergency, transitional or long-term housing)

Psychological Support (counseling and/or emotional support)

Crisis Response (emergency support and/or assistance with urgent needs such as victim recovery, locating shelter, speaking with law enforcement etc)

Rehabilitation/Case Management (ongoing support and needs assessment for victims; assistance acquiring services and benefits whether in-house, through partner agencies or public services)

Legal Assistance (legal advice and consultation provided by an attorney or other accredited professional)

Repatriation (assistance to victims in returning to their country of origin)

Public Outreach and Awareness-Raising (educating the general public on the issue of human trafficking, i.e. campaigns, presentations, media publicity)

Direct Victim Outreach (connecting with victims of trafficking and other vulnerable populations before they seek services, for the purpose of assistance, education and prevention)

Training (training and providing educational materials to the public, law enforcement, government officials and others in the field)

Prevention and Advice (provides information, advice and safety planning to individuals who may be entering int situations in which they will be vulnerable to trafficking)Medical Services (healthcare and/or medical assistance)

Policy Advocacy (efforts to shape or implement legislation around combating trafficking and/or supporting victims of trafficking)

Education and Job Training (academic services and/or vocational training for victims)

Research (conducting research on any topic related to human trafficking)

Grant Making (providing monetary grants to entities carrying out anti-trafficking projects)

Interpretation/Translation (providing interpretation and/or translation services to clients who do not know the national language)

Volunteer Opportunities (organization has opportunities for volunteers)

Survivor Leadership (opportunities for survivors of trafficking to engage with the organization)

Which types of trafficking would your organization be willing to serve? (Please select all that apply.)
Sex Trafficking
Labour Trafficking/Forced Labour/Debt Bondage
Organ Trafficking
Forced Marriage
Early/Child Marriage
International Marriage Brokering
International Adoption
Sale of Children

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